The 7 deadly sins are known to everyone, everyone knows at least one of them. And exactly these have inspired us for the campaign shooting of the Vintage Series. Because what could be more provocative than the sin itself.

The heart of the Vintage Series is the excessive lifestyle and looseness of the 70's and that's how we staged the photos.

As location we used the Meta Markt in Vienna, the "Baufällige" part was the perfect scenery to realize the sins.

That the models were completely absorbed in their roles can be seen in every single picture. It was a shooting of a different kind, there were no limits in the realization, everyone could let himself go and let his impulses run free, because here it was not about the perfectly posed photo, no, here it was about what one usually always holds back and does not let out. And this is exactly what the Vintage Series is all about, just let go and be yourself.



 Fotograf:Isabella Abel I Design: Batista Ruben I Make up: Florian Russa,Vroni Koth,sziszi make up, Masha,I Set Producer: Jessica Lang I Set Assistent: Pamela Korimort I Models: Daniel Gabriel, Nico Gneist, Donni, Johnson Jaoko, Leon Colerus, Angelina Dizdarevic, Zuzana Kleschtova, Janina, Denis Piovarci, Nina Oberhammer, Moritz, Samuel kvalich, Anna Juris, Marina Dworak, Mary, Simon Benitez, Hans Christian Haas

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