No industry is more fast-moving than the fashion industry, trends change from one day to the next, what was modern today is tomorrow a no go.

To stand out from other brands in such a time, not only innovative designs and trends are necessary.


No, what matters most is the quality.

Brother Bob Production stands for high quality fashion at an affordable price, even though we do everything from design to photo in-house.

Our fashion consists of 100% organic cotton and is made in Graz. The whole assortment is vegan and carries the OEKETEX seal "Standart 100".

 Each shirt, hoodie, sweater is unique and limited.

In addition, every single piece is hand numbered and that makes it something very special.
Under the two mottos " Feel the Message" and "Storytelling Textile" we bring fashion into the 4 dimension.

With different collections we want to set new trends for you that are fun to wear.

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