"Brother Bob" was on everyone's lips in the 70s.

It was the brand that revolutionized party lifestyle and fashion at that time. Provocative, lust for life and looseness, that comes to mind when you see the old BB advertising posters. Everyone wanted to be part of the Brother Bob family.

We write the 30.05.2020 on this night Brother Bob was brought back to life after 42 years and that was the starting signal for BROTHER BOB PRODUCTIONS.

Now the question arose how to transfer the image of the brand to the present time and how to adapt it. But we soon realized that there was not much to do,

because provocation, excessive lifestyle and pure lust for life are still a part of our society today.
And that's exactly what Brother Bob Productions stands for, a world where you don't have to pretend to please others. A world in which you can reveal your preferences and desires without being condemned. A world in which you can be yourself and not be ashamed of it. A world that understands that everyone is unique and we are all still a family.

Therefore we have decided to reproduce the 1 Brother Bob advertising subject in detail.

As location we have chosen the Minoritenkirche in Vienna. And we have succeeded in adapting the 70s into the 21 century.

Brother Bob is now ready to turn the 21 century upside down.


Fotograf: Isabella Abel I Set Producer : Jessica Lang I Model : Hans Christian Haas 

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